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SOLD OUT: Grab a copy of the hardcover or go rated M and purchase F**K OFF SPOT

BUZZ OFF SPOT is a tale of Melanoma and one man’s fight to beat it. Simon Haralambopoulos is a Sydney based builder and family man whose hairdresser discovered a dodgy spot at the back of his neck in 2014… it was Melanoma. 

Cecilia Timm, a Sydney based artist and illustrator, marketer, writer and website designer wanted to support her friend Simon as best she could. They teamed up to write BUZZ OFF SPOT to raise awareness about the scurge that is Melanoma and raise money for Melanoma research. ALL OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK WILL BE DONATED TO THE MELANOMA INSTITUTE.

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This illustrated children’s-style book narrates Simon’s continued fight through the stages of his war against Melanoma.

ALL OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK WILL BE DONATED TO THE MELANOMA INSTITUTE. All set-up costs, including purchases, set up fees and the cost of building the website, have been donated to maximise the money raised for Melanoma research.  

One Australian dies from Melanoma every 5 hours. Please also consider donating to The Melanoma Institute

The book measures 21 cm x 21 cm and will be packed using eco-friendly or recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact. 

This book is printed in Australia by Kaligraphic Print Pty Ltd, and we are grateful for Katya’s patience and advice during this project. 

** There may be some delays. Remember, this is for charity, and we’re not a big retailer; we are all volunteers. **

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